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Winter 22 - PDF Download


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Winter 22 - PDF DownloadWinter 22 - PDF Download
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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial - New Study Supports IC/BPS Subtypes

Researchers at UCLA identify three distinct subtypes in the IC patient population, two of which do not respond to bladder therapies. This supports, in part, the subtyping system developed by Dr. Christopher Payne and validates that the IC patient population is remarkably diverse. 

(2) Bladder Pain & Candida - The Growing Connection

More researchers find candida in the urine of patients with bladder pain. This study, though, found that it is a remarkably virulent and damaging candida. 

(3) Oh The Mighty Tailbone

Many IC patients report tailbone injuries prior to the onset of their symptoms. Our feature article discusses just how and why tailbone injuries can be the source of bladder and pelvic pain.

(4) Oh The Annoying Rectum

From hemorrhoids to anal fissures, proctalgia fugax to constipation, we know that bowel and rectal pain can also trigger bladder discomfort. It was time to review these common, treatable yet oh so uncomfortable conditions.

(5) Scoliosis Pelvic Pain

Did you know that scoliosis can be an underlying cause for pelvic floor dysfunction. Scoliosis driven pelvic pain helps us to understand why some patients struggle with long term muscle dysfunction which, of course, can also set a foundation for bladder discomfort.  

(6) How To Keep Your Relationship Strong With Chronic Illness

Stacey Shannon focuses on how to keep relationships strong while struggling with chronic illness, filled with great tips to help you connect and love the most important people in your life. 

(7) Pets Can Help Patients Thrive

It is quite amazing that our dogs, cats, birds and others can tell when we’re not feeling well and, even more so, stay by our sides. IC patients share their pet stories! 

(8) Vaccine To Prevent UTI Showing Remarkable Success

A new, sublingual vaccine which is sprayed under the tongue is showing very strong success in preventing urinary tract infection. We share the latest research from Europe and Canada. 

(9) The Latest Research

Several new studies have been released on potential new therapies, including the use of Platelet Rich Plasma which appears to help the bladder lining heal. 

(10) IC Diet Project - Caffeine-Free Hot Drinks to Warm You Up

It’s been a freezing winter thus we’re sharing our favorite hot drinks to warm you up on these coldest of mornings and evenings. Yes, Virginia, if you are craving hot chocolate yet worrying about triggering a flare, there are other, bladder friendly options that can try. 

Pages: 36

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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