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Transitioning From Elmiron

We are getting phone calls from frantic patients diagnosed with pigmentary maculopathy due to Elmiron® use. You MUST talk with your medical care provider about the risks vs. benefits of Elmiron® to decide if you would like to transition to another therapy. Some have suggested stopping Elmiron® immediately if you are showing any eye symptoms while others have suggested a gradual easing of Elmiron® with a gradual increase in a new OTC product. There are no other comparable FDA approved oral medications that provide a similar coating effect to the bladder. (Click here to learn more about the new FDA warning & Elmiron® associated eye disease). 

Bladder Instillations

Elmiron® or Heparin Instillations
You could ask your doctor about using Elmiron® instillations which put 100% of the medication directly into your bladder, usually combined with lidocaine and other medications. Another option is using a heparin lidocaine "rescue instillation." Topical medications placed into the bladder do not distribute throughout the body at the same rate as oral medications and are generally considered safer. Self-catheterizing is an easy skill to learn so you could do this at home. Talk with your doctor to learn more about it.

IAluRil Instillations (Europe/Canada only)
IAluRil bladder instillations contain both chondroitin sulfate and sodium hyaluronate for a similar bladder coating effect. This is not approved for use in the USA. 

OTC Supplements (Nutraceuticals)

The American Urology Association suggests that patients try OTC nutraceuticals in Step One of their Guidelines for IC/BPS. Here are some options that you can consider: 

ALOEPATH® - For a soothing and pain reducing effect

BLADDER REST® - For a simple chondroitin & quercetin formula

BLADDER BUILDER® - Our most comprehensive formula with chondroitin, quercetin, palmitoylethanolamide, beneficial probiotics.

PEAORA® - For chronic pain relief

CystoMend® - Provides a coating effect with chondroitin and hyaluronate with an anti-inflammatory effect from pumpkin seed extract.

CystoProtek® - The original chondroitin and hyaluronate formula.

Cysto Renew® - Chondroitin combined with the soothing effect of Aloe and Lemon Balm (not citrus).

*It's not unusual for some to have sensitivities to various ingredients. Please review the label carefully for any known allergens. We suggest starting small. Try one capsule and see how your body handles it. If you feel good, try one a day for a week and again assess. If you are doing well, you can gradually increase to the manufacturers recommended dosages. Of course, if you struggle with any side effects, stop the supplement and talk with your physician.

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