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Like a previous reviewer, I have had long periods of remissions but also some bad flares. I always turn to the IC Network for comfort and help healing. Nowhere else have I found the wealth of information contained herein. A million thanks to Jill. She is awesome.
Diane Harvey
I’ve had ic since 1997! In January 2022 I developed a bad flareup couldn’t find anything for relief! I finally went to a urologist that specialized and IC. They gave me seven bladder installations which helped some but totally didn’t take this flare away. I got on your website and found bladder builder. I took the very next day and within a day my bladder pain was 90% better. You always wonder if people giving reviews are telling the truth. I can stand here and say that this product is awesome! It works for me very very well and I’m well pleased! I had a doctors appointment July 13, 2022 and I told my doctor about the bladder builder she went to the IC network and looked it up and is now going to recommend it to other patients! Thank you so much for all your research this product has really helped me. Gloria from Pennsylvania
Gloria Waite
Long story. But in listening to Jill, I believe my bladder, pelvic floor issue is connected to the past four years I of/ depression/ Anxiety. It all started with my pcp giving me Zoloft. I was experiencing some stress over my mom’s (94) deterioration. I was Very sad, but not depressed. Horrible reaction to Zoloft. Did not sleep for 10 days. I was in a panic state. Proceeded to go to a psychiatrist. In hindsight…. Big mistake. No meds (antidepressants) worked. At this point, I was an emotional wreck. 4 years have gone by. I started to heal about 2 months ago. Feeling like my old self. Joy and happiness returning. Sleeping better. Bam… bladder went nuts with frequent urination and Then pain and pelvic pain, etc . Of course I’m trying to condense this story. But I’ve concluded that it’s all tied into my central nervous system; with spending four years in emotional hell and taking all these psyche meds. I’m having a cystoscopy this Friday To be honest, I’m not at all sure of this urologist’s knowledge in things like I C or the connection to pelvic floor dysfunction. But at least I’ll have an idea on the condition of my bladder. I tried to locate an expert urologist specializing in I C , oab, and all the other crazy symptoms I’m experiencing. It’s crazy. I’ve spent hours contacting what I would consider a well qualified doctor. All of them are booked way out and most are not even taking new patients. Well, I hope and pray someone can contact me. My precious daughter told me , “mom, it’s all in your head and started laughing. Heartbreaking to hear this from her. This is such s lonely condition. No one can relate to it. So thankful to have found Jill. I want to join and participate in her Zoom meeting. Thank you for reading this. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thankfully. Mary Kirk ps. Never have had bladder/pelvic floor issues till now
Mary Kirk, Retired
I've had this IC condition for about two years, sometimes the pain is unbearable, I'M so thankful I have somewhere to turn to when I don't know what to do.
The ICNetwork has educated me so much! Reading all the information from this site has finally brought me up to speed. I can remember sitting in the bathroom crying my eyes out thinking, is this the way my life is going to be from now on? I'm in my fifties and felt like I was in my eighties. Just making changes in my diet started helping me. Then taking the supplements has finally got me feeling like my old self again!

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