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A unique male sleeve with multiple randomly constructed triangles that enhance the inner surface. Look at this closely...the polygons on the "outside" are actually the "inner" surface...as this product "reverses" for use and easy cleaning! Partners can hold and squeeze the sleeve in different ways to create lovely sensations. Sleeves are made from an antibacterial elastomer.

Question: There was a black plastic disk when I opened the product, what is this?
Answer: The disk is a Transport Anchor, you may dispose of it. Please also dispose of the polystyrene that is wrapped around the stand as it is also a Transport Anchor.

Question: Where should I apply the lube?
Answer: Please lubricate the insertion hole and the insides of the product.

Question: How should I take care of this product?

~How to Wash~ While inverting the TENGA 3D under running water, please wash off all remaining liquid. You may use body soap but please refrain from using any soap with high acid or alkaline content as they may erode the elastomeric material.

~How to Dry~ Please wipe off any excess water from both sides of the product and stand the TENGA 3D - details facing out - half-way along the Stand to dry.

~How to Store~ Once dry, place the TENGA 3D all the way down the Stand and place the Cover. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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