Pudendal Neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia often occurs when pelvic floor muscles are very tight, resulting in the compression of nerves.  Got sciatica? Sharp pain that pulses down your leg? That is the perfect example of pelvic floor muscles that are squeezing and/or pressing on a nerve.

Here are several products that we believe will help you as you seek to reduce your pain and restore muscle health.  

Recommended Reading

You MUST start with your own education.  Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain will help you understand where the muscles, bones and nerves are located to help you understand where you entrapment might be occurring and what structures are involved. Treatment usually focuses first on relieving the entrapment, aka tight pelvic floor muscles. 

Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain 

Glass Wands

Many patients receive instruction on internal pelvic floor massage through the use of a glass wind. 

Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and/or cold therapy can be vital during flares. For some patients, heat feels the most comfortable because it can help to relax muscles. But, when nerves are more sensitive, an ice pack feels the most comfortable. 

Pain Relief

Some OTC supplements and/or topical products may also help reduce pain and discomfort. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has been found to reduce both IC, sciatica pain in several research studies. 


Chair Cushions

If sitting is difficult, you may find one of our chair cushions helpful. The waffle cushion is ideal for general pelvic and muscle pain, particularly pain in the butt cheeks and glute muscles. The Bladder & Prostate Friendly Chair Cushion is ideal for pain in the crotch area. The CAPPS cushions are the rolls royce of pelvic cushions, with higher quality fabric and memory foam. These have helped thousands of patients sit more comfortably for years! 

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