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Many IC'ers often mistakenly assume that a urinary tract infection is triggering their IC symptoms. Urine cultures, however, are usually negative for bacteria. Next Generation DNA Urine Testing is a more effective way of discerning if a more subtle infection is present. There is, however, a significant group of patients who do struggle recurring urinary tract infection usually due to the onset of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. As estrogen diminishes with age or after hysterectomy, the mucosal layer in the bladder, urethra, vulva and vagina lose their protective effects. Ask your doctor about the quality and health of your skin. If you are showing dryness "down there", they often suggest the use of a topical estrogen product to improve your skins ability to repel infection. 

PRVNT® can help you gain control of your UTI's and is available without a doctors prescription. Each daily dose contains the highest grade bioactive ingredients to support the strongest natural approach for UTI prophylaxis. Each dose contains 40mg+ PAC-A-2 blended with high-grade D-Mannose along with 9 other bioactives. It also includes 75% of the RDA from vitamins and 20 billion active probiotics for better digestive health and immune function. PRVNT® has just the right amount of everything.  
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