Foods high in acid, particularly coffees, teas, green teas, sodas, tomato products and fruit juices are notorious for triggering interstitial cystitis flares and bladder pain. Prelief, a calcium based supplement, can help reduce the acid found in urine, thus preventing some of the irritation that might have occurred after eating, for example, a slice of pizza! Prelief was the first alternative supplement introduced and has helped thousands struggling with acid sensitivity eat a more balanced diet, while still enjoying an occasional risk food or two. It is NOT a bladder treatment or therapy. It ONLY acts on the foods that you might be eating and is great for those moments when you might be eating out and are faced with a food that could be irritating. Prelief has also been found helpful for patients struggling with stomach, GI and/or IBS. Fair warning! If you're in a flare, we strongly suggest that you avoid all risk foods, particularly coffees and diet sodas! - Jill Osborne, MA Founder

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