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Organic Blueberry Jam

By Colorado Mountain - Plum Daisy


Price: $6.99
Organic Blueberry JamOrganic Blueberry Jam
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Produced by Colorado Mountain Jams, this organic blueberry jam couldn’t taste any fresher if you picked the blueberries yourself in your own secret spot. The berries are grown in Gresham, Oregon and transported them to their kitchen in Palisade, Colorado, where this intensely flavored jam was produced. NO ADDED ACIDS!

Use as a spread on breads, French toast, waffles, pancakes, and scones; use as a filling in crepes and croissants; wonderful as a cheesecake, ice cream, and dessert topping; mix into cottage cheese, yogurt, and smoothies.

INGREDIENTS:  organic blueberries, organic evaporated cane juice, pectin


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IC Friendly Food That Tastes Great!
Reviewed by
So nice to find ssn IC friendly jam that actually tasted really, really good! It's not as solid as storebought (not a bad thing, just something to be aware of.) Full of blueberries, not too sweet - just lovely. Buying it again.
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