Newly Diagnosed Kit


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Newly Diagnosed KitNewly Diagnosed Kit
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It can be quite unsettling to receive a diagnosis of IC, yet have no information on what it is, what treatments are available, self-help strategies and more. So, after many phone calls, we've put together a kit of our favorite recommended IC resources! The best books written on IC to help you understand flares, therapies, self help and diet, a medical records kit to track your appointments, heating pads, and a perineal wash bottle!

1. The IC Solution - The best book on IC available and covers treatments, pain care, pelvic floor and much more! Newly released in 2016, it has the most up to date discussion of IC and chronic pelvic pain! It's a MUST read   

2. ICN Special Report On Managing IC Flares - A guide to help you identify IC triggers, prevent future flares and manage your symptoms today!

3. ICN Guide to the IC Diet - Answers all questions about the tricky IC diet, and offers a host of great recipes.

4. Heating Pads - Three of the new bodiheat adhesivable heating pads that can be worn, throughout the day, while in the car, work, etc.

5. One Perineal Wash Bottle - the easiest and most soothing self-help tool. Used with water, it can reduce that painful 'urine burn' feeling!

6. Selected samples when available.

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