New Dawn Pilates For People With Pelvic Pain


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Created for patients struggling with pelvic pain disorders, this DVD is ideal for individuals who are seeking new, gentle exercises that will not flare their symptoms. Because many patients can't perform long, intense workouts, this DVD has shorter segments which allows patients to personalize their workout according to their capabilities.

In addition to a 47 minute complete workout, it also offers targeted workouts for warming up, arms, abs, back and legs. Thus you can create your own workout based upon your unique needs that can last from 7 to 45 minutes!!! The bonus workout, the Rough Day Revitalizer, is a great way to relax after a long, difficult day. The first of a series, this DVD was developed by Jenny Lelwica Buttacio, a certified pilates instructor and registered occupational therapist was diagnosed with IC in December 2005.

Intro: 3 minutes
Practice Exercises with Tutorial: 33 minutes
Perform Entire Workout: 47 minutes
Target Only One Section Warmup: 7 minutes
Arms: 9 minutes
Abs & Back: 10 minutes
Legs: 13 minutes
Full Body Integration: 8 minutes
Bonus Rough Day Revitalizer: 9 minutes


Product Reviews

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Super Great
I really like this DVD. I used to consistently workout before I had IC but all that pain caused me to drop out of a fitness regime.

I had begun to think that I wouldn't ever be able to exercise again.

I gave this Pilates workout a chance because it promised to be adapted for people with pelvic pain. It's fantastic and even though it's easy it makes you feel like you are doing something good for yourself just like you used to before IC came along.

I highly recommend this because YOU can adapt it to meet your needs!!

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