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Neuroquell is the strongest "over the counter" pain relieving formula created by ClaireEllen Topicals. This safe and clinically tested formula is applied to the skin where it MAY provide fast and effective pain relief. Users may experience relief in minutes not hours. It requires no oral medication or pills. There are no known side effects and it's cost effective with this 1/8 ounce bottle lasting three months on average. 

How does it work? Neuroquell works by inhibiting or stopping the nerve impulse signals as they travel from one nerve to another. According to the Endometriosis Assn, this reduces pain signals sent to the brain thereby inducing relaxation. This then increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the area, providing even greater relief. 

How is it applied? Neuroquell comes in small glass bottles with a roll on applicator. After removing the cap, simply roll a generous amont directly onto the area of discomfort. For best results, the area should be clean and free of all skin care products, performs or other topical medications. Once Neuroquell is applied, it will take a few minutes to take affect. 

What is Neuroquell made of? It is a blend of natural essential oils and mineral oil. The active ingredient is calendula oil in its purest form, which is extracted from marigold petals. It contains no animal products and no alcohol. 

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Price Increase: In April 2021, the manufacturer notified us that the cost to create Neuroquell had skyrocketed due to COVID affecting growers and producers. As a result, the retail price has close to doubled. So sorry! Hopefully, when the pandemic resolves, the prices will come back down.) 

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