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My Mom Has Interstitial Cystitis - A Painful Bladder Story


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When a parent is ill, children are often very confused and can harbor deep fears that their parent may be dying. In fact, it was a conversation with a young mother with IC that triggered the development of this book. While interstitial cystitis isn't considered a life threatening condition, it certainly creates uncertainty and confusion in the home when a parent doesn't feel well and/or has repeated visits to the doctors. Children absorb it all. They know that something is wrong but, many times, the parent simply doesn't explain what is happening. 

The purpose of this book is to reduce anxiety and fear by explaining what IC is. Written for elementary age children, this book will help children understand IC (Interstitial Cystitis) and how the bladder functions. It explains how certain foods can help or hurt the bladder. Rather than create fear, it helps children see that doctors can help and are a great resource. This book encourages children to help around the house when mom or dad isn't feeling good. It's has a encouraging tone, with plenty of opportunity for coloring and a word search at the end!

Publisher:  Interstitial Cystitis Network (2007)

Pages: 32

Age:   6+

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