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My Daily D-Mannose

By Natural Approach Nutrition


Price: $28.95
My Daily D-MannoseMy Daily D-Mannose
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My Daily D-Mannose™ is of exceptional quality in the industry. D-Mannose is used as a minimally invasive regimen to support the prevention from E. coli bacterial infection, promoting a healthy urinary tract.  My Daily D-Mannose™ is great for those who have dietary sensitivities and desire to support the healthy flushing of the urinary tract.

It is sweet flavored and has a pleasant smell and taste.  D-Mannose is not metabolized like most other sugars and has minimal impact on blood sugar regulation.

Research has shown that D-Mannose has demonstrated the ability to have anti-adhesion action to E.Coli bacteria in the urinary tract.

My Daily D-Mannose™ is of the highest quality and easy to use.  Each container comes with a scoop for ease of measurement.

Just add fresh filtered water.  50 grams per container and approx. 55 servings depending on usage.

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