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Make A $250 donation!Make A $250 donation!
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Has the ICN made a difference in your life? We sure hope so. For the past twenty years, the ICN has provided support to tens of thousands of patients around the world, all at no cost to them. How does that happen? Through patients, family members and businesses who believe that patients should never suffer in silence at home alone. Our goal is to provide hope, support and encouragement and we do it well. Why? Because the ICN is run by IC patients for IC patients. 
Two major research studies have found that we're the best on the web. Researchers at the University of London (2013) rated the ICN the most credible, accurate, reliable and readable website dedicated to IC/BPS above all other web sites and patient organizations. Researchers at Harvard Medical School (2011) rated the ICN the most accurate and reliable site run for patients. Amazing recognition for a woman owned, small business with just five employees. 
So, if you've found what we do helpful, please support our work by making a donation to the cause. We work very hard to make a difference and we hope that we've helped you in your journey with IC and pelvic pain. Your donation will help us continue to run the ICN Support Center and develop new, effective resources such as the ICN Food List app!
A $250 donation is equivalent to less than 75cents a day! Don't you think we're worth it? Please note that your donation is NOT tax deductible due to the structure of our organization. We are a "for profit" social advocacy company that literally gives the majority of our services away for free.   Thank you!

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