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International Shipping


  • North America - USA, Canada
  • Middle East - India, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Qatar,  UAE
  • Asia - Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea
  • Pacific Nations - Australia & New Zealand
  • Africa - South Africa
  • Carribean Nations - Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, US Virgin Islands.


  • European Union - Most countries in the EU have banned the importation supplements or neutraceuticals by patients. 
  • United Kingdom - After BREXIT, the United Kingdom required that we register as a seller with the country, collect VAT at the time purchase, electronically transfer VAT funds bi monthly and have a UK VAT Consultant on retainer. As a small business, we simply can't afford the imposed fees. 
  • Russia
  • China
  • Phillipines

Shipping Alternatives:

(1) Check Amazon for your country, especially for books and supplements. We are actively trying to place our items on various international Amazon sites. 
(2) Ask family members or friends in the US to place your orders in our shop. We will ship the items to them.. and they can ship the order to you as a "gift." 

(3) You can use an international shipping service. Fair warning, these have consistently negative reviews. In several instances, we have shipped them orders (with delivery confirmation as proof) and yet they were not delivered to your country. You must take full responsibility if you use one of these services. Ask first if they can offer you insurance for lost packages. We cannot provide refunds for orders that the shipping company has lost. If not, we suggest that you pass.  


Every nation has different rules about what can be sent to their residents and their related customs or tax fees. Books, for example, are usually easily shipped. Food supplements are OFTEN refused. Please contact your customs office BEFORE you place an order to ask if they will accept the items you would like to purchase.  We cannot make any guarantees or guesses on your behalf.  Refunds may or may not be given for supplements that do not pass customs examinations and/or are damaged during their return to us. We will consider each case carefully. We cannot estimate how much you will be charged in customs fees to retrieve your item. Please contact your local postal service to learn more about any fees you may be required to pay.


  • Int'l First Class Mail - First Class shipping is slow, unreliable and often stolen when shipped overseas. It is, however, consistently effective when sent to Canada. First class mail is NOT trackable thus we will not be able to tell you where your item is after it has been placed in the mail. If tracking is important to you, please select International Priority or Express mail. PLEASE ALLOW FOUR WEEKS for shipping and delivery first class items.

  • Int'l Priority Mail - Priority mail can be extremely cost effective if you are purchasing a large quantity of items (i.e. bottles of supplements, soups, waters, baking products, etc) that will fit in three varying sizes of flat rate boxes or envelopes. If your order will fit in a flat rate box, we will reduce your shipping rate whenever possible. Please note that our e-ommerce software is not able to determine if your product will fit in a flat rate box and may give you a fairly high cost of shipment. We then adjust the shipping costs down whenever possible to save you $$. If you have any doubt or would like to know what your exact shipping will be, please call us and we can pack your order over the phone to determine what it will fit into. PLEASE ALLOW 3 TO FOUR WEEKS FOR THE SHIPMENT AND DELIVERY of Priority Mail.

  • Int'l Express Mail - Express mail is the most expensive form of shipment but it is also the most secure, trackable, reliable and INSURED. You must be available to sign for a package when you select Express Mail. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST TWO WEEKS FOR A EXPRESS MAIL ORDER TO BE SHIPPED AND DELIVERED.


Your customs department may hold packages for any length of time, from 24 hours to a three weeks. This is entirely beyond our control, nor can we predict how long this will take.


It is always sad when we receive a phone call from a customer who did not respond to their own national mail or email service in a timely manner and had their packages returned to us. Many times we have heard that a note from a national mail service has been misplaced or not delivered in a timely way. You must follow the tracking on your package AND if it seems to be sitting in your national customs offices for more than a few days you MUST inquire why. ONLY you can connect with your national mail service and find out why they are holding it. Once through customs, there is often a very small window of opportunity to pick it up before it is automatically returned back to us by the slowest method possible. These customers almost often ask for an immediate refund which we cannot provide UNTIL we receive the package back from the postal service. And, for international orders, this can take months because they are often returned by ship using the slowest method possible. PLEASE pick up your packages quickly!!! You do not want to become part of the slow boat brigade. It is extremely frustrating for all of us.


If you have any questions about your order, or would like an update on your order, please give us a call at either (800)928-7496 or (707)538-9442 or send email to:

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