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ICN Restroom Access Cards - 3 PACK


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The ICN Medical Restroom Access card can be shown to flight attendants, shop keepers and anyone else who might help you gain access to a restroom. This is a vital part of your IC awareness arsenal. Not only will it help you gain access when you need it, but it can educate others about the true, and occaasionally desperate, need for restroom facilities for patients struggling with urological conditions.

Front side:
MEDICAL ALERT - Restroom Access Required
The holder of this card has a medical condition (interstitial cystitis, prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome) that requires frequent and urgent restroom access. It is difficult, if not impossible, for this patient to 'hold it' without enduring severe pain and/or bladder spasms. Please provide restroom access to this patient. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Back Side:
Interstitial cystitis (IC) and prostatitis affect millions of men, women and children who may struggle with frequency, urgency, pressure, pain and/or hematuria. Even if they don't appear ill, they may have severe symptoms. Please help these patients manage their symptoms and maintain their dignity by providing restroom access.

The ICN provides support, encouragement and information to IC patients and providers throughout the world. You can meet other IC patients right now on the ICN website. Please join us!


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Access at airport
Reviewed by
I show the restroom access at airport gate desk to receive medical pre-boarding when I take long flights. It helps me although some nice desk agents say they do not need to see it.

I have used it to use a business' private restroom. They were more concerned about the unsightly restroom than allowing me access, however.
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