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Jill OsborneHas the ICN helped you learn more about your health condition? Have you attended one of our live support group meetings? Have you called our patient education phone line and had your questions answered? Have we helped you work more effectively with your physicians? Have we given you resources that you can use to educate family members about your condition?

If we have touched your life, we hope that you will help us to continue our work by giving us a much needed donation!  Your ICN memberships & donations help us offer live support group meetings, conduct vital research (Elmiron Eye Disease), operate IC Awareness Month and develop new and much needed educational resources. 100% of your gift goes directly into IC activities!! Your donations & contributions are NOT tax deductible.

Eight reasons why we think we are deserving of your financial support. 

#1 - We are the national IC & pelvic pain support group and take your calls for support and information every weekday, at no charge. 1-800-928-7496 
#2 - We conduct essential patient research and collaborate with researchers across the globe. Our Elmiron Eye Disease Patient Survey was submitted to the FDA in January 2019 in our request to change the label to warn patients of their risk of eye damage. The warning was added in 2020! This may prevent new IC patients from losing their eyesight.

#3 - We act as your consumer advocate, notifying you of critical issues which impact your medical care. We were the first to break the Elmiron Eye disease research to the IC patient community. 
#4 - We offer FREE live support streams to patients around the world where you can ask questions and receive the support that you deserve.
#5 - We operate IC Awareness Month because it's so important to get the word out. 
#6 - Our free ICN Newsletter keeps you informed of the latest news, research developments, clinical trials and self-help strategies. 
#7 - We have been rated the TOP (most accurate, credible and reliable) patient website dedicated to IC in research studies done by Harvard Medical School (2011) and the University of London (2013).
#8 - We care about you and we hope that it shows in everything that we do. 

We simply can't do it without people, like you, who believe that IC patients deserve the best medical care and compassionate support. If we have helped you, would you please help us too? - Jill Osborne MA, Founder
Thank you for your support! It means the world to us!
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