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IC Optimist - Winter 2020 - Print


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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial: A New Approach To 2020 - We begin a new decade with a fresh perspective on the many causes of IC. If you aren’t responding to bladder therapies, it’s time to solve the mystery of your pelvic pain. Could it be muscles? Past Injuries? Neuralgias? A foot problem? These are all potential causes. Don’t give up. It’s time to ask more questions. Let’s take our power back. 

(2) Meet the IC Expert: Dr. Jerome Weiss - A pelvic pain specialist for more than 50 years, we are delighted to feature a comprehensive interview with Dr. Jerome Weiss, author of “Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Holistic Approach to Relief.”  Prepare to have your socks knocked off. 

(3) Book Review: Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Holistic Approach to Relief is the best book written on IC in the past fifty years. Dr. Jerome Weiss shares 50 years of wisdom in unravelling the mystery of IC and pelvic pain symptoms. He offers a master class in pelvic anatomy and how muscles and nerves can lead to bladder wall dysfunction and symptoms. 

(4) Feature Story: Could Mold Toxicity Be Causing Your IC Symptoms? - Did you know that black mold in your home could trigger urinary symptoms? One patient called our office to share that she was now symptom free once they discovered and then removed a large block mold outbreak in her home. It’s worth ruling out especially if you have several family members struggling with unusual health problems. Mold toxicity manifests in many ways.

(5) The Highs and Lows of 2019 - It’s always important to reviews the lessons that we learned in the past year. We want to walk into 2020 stronger, more empowered and more active!

(6) The Latest Research - A new study released showed that chondroitin sulfate helps to improve the integrity of the bladder wall. Learn about this and a new PTNS permanent ankle implant that has been found to help reduce urinary frequency and urgency! 

(7) A Year End Look At The MAPP Research Network Findings - The most important research team in the world, the MAPP Research Network continues to astound with new, critical studies. One key study from 2019 was that some patients are struggling with fungal infections and that more severe IC symptoms correlated with more fungal species in their urine. Fungi and viruses can also play a role in some but certainly not all patients. 

(8) Consumer Alert: Singulair & Montelukast - One common medication suggested for IC patients who struggle with flares and/or asthma during allergy season, Singulair, has been linked to severe psychiatric side effects and suicidal thoughts. 

(9) Self-Help Tip: Dressing For Success and Bladder Discomfort - Stacey Shannon shares new suggestions to help IC’er find the most comfortable clothing that you can wear at work or home! Tight waists don’t work!!  

(10) IC Diet Expert: Fatigue Fighting Foods - Tired? Struggling with fatigue that progresses throughout the day. You may be eating some foods that make it worse. We give tips on the foods that will give you energy!

(11) Feature Article: A Daily Approach To Thriving Not Surviving - It’s so important for anyone struggling with IC to not assume that you cannot be productive and innovative. Stacey Shannon offers suggestions on what you can do to improve your organization despite having IC flares! 

(12) ICN Coffee Challenge - If you are missing your coffee, there is hope. We offer a five step coffee challenge to help you determine when your bladder is ready to try coffee again!

Pages: 32

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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