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In this issue:

(1) Editoral: Sam's Philosophy of Life - We're proud to begin this issue with an editorial featuring the remarkable Sam Bern's, who lived life with great joy despite facing a terminal diagnosis of progeria. Sam's three principles of living and priorities are identical to the most successful IC patients as well! 

(2) Feature Story: Stem Cell Therapy, SVF & Liposome Treatment - An Interview with Dr. Eliot Lander - Last interviewed in 2011, Dr. Lander shares the very encouraging results he's seeing in his research with stem cell therapy and growth factors derived, in case your wondering, from a patients own fat. The goal of this therapy is to help the bladder to repair itself, aka as rejuvenative medicine. He's also the only doctor in the country using liposomes filled with Elmiron as a bladder coating, likely the best drug delivery system ever used with this bladder coating.

(3) Feature Story: LEAP Therapy - How Food Sensitivities Could Trigger Bladder Problems: Patients with unusual food intolerances will find this article by Stacey Shannon very compelling. LEAP Therapy is a fabulous resource for patients seeking to get to the bottom of their food issues. 

(4) Related Conditions: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - Continuing our series on the related conditions of IC, we do an exhausting review of pelvic floor dysfunction, when it was first recognized, how it's diagnosed and treated.

(5) What is the Patient's Role During Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - San Francisco based physical therapists Elizabeth Rummer and Stephanie Prendergast offer a clear discussion of what patients should do to get the best success from their pelvic floor treatment.

(6) What is a "Good" Pelvic Pain PT Session Like? For patients worried about having pelvic floor physical therapy, Elizabeth and Stephanie offer an in-depth discussion of how a pelvic floor assessment is done and, afterwards, how routine pelvic floor physical therapy appointments should be approached. Excellent review for patients who might be worried about having this type of therapy. It WILL resolve any concerns you might have.

(7) Female Sexual Dysfunction and Physical Therapy - Amy Stein PT, author of Heal Pelvic Pain, shares how pelvic floor muscle dysfunction can actually be the cause of sexual dysfunction and shares how treatment can help restore a patients confidence, romance and intimacy. 

(8) A Patient Story - Healing Mind, Body & Spirit. Physical Therapist Mary Lou Velicki had her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with IC herself. She shares five fabulout tips that she used to help restore her health and find peace in what was a very stressful time. 

(9) Clinical Trial News - Three new studies seeking patients with IC and/or pelvic pain. Yes, men, there's even one for you! 

(10) The Latest IC Research - New, important studies of note

(11) The IC Diet Project: Getting Vitamin C The Old Fashioned Way - Worried that you're not getting enough Vitamin C? Bev Laumann shares several foods that are bladder friendly and remarkably high in Vitamin C.

(12) Self-Help Tip: OTC Topical Pain Relieving Treatments - There are several OTC products that patients have used successfully to keep their pain and discomfort under control!

Pages: 32

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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