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In this issue:

(1) Guest Editorial - Don't Wait To Apply For Disability Insurance - IC patient Rita made a terrible mistake. Rather than applying for disability benefits when she first became ill, she chose to live off of her savings for years before her money was exhausted. Sadly, she waited too long to receive state benefits and was months away from losing her federal benefits. Learn about her story and why you shouldn't wait in this important editorial.

(2) Got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? - IC and endometriosis have been labelled "evil twins" for their frequent co-existence in women with pelvic pain. In a shocking breakthrough, endometriosis has now been linked to exposure to the chemical dioxin and there are some startling correlations with interstitial cystitis. In our feature story, we explore this possible yet not proven relationship and offer tips on how to reduce chemical exposure in your home and food.

(3) Estrogen, Mast Cells and IC Flares: The Hormone Connection - Women with IC often report flares during ovulation or before menstruation. From puberty through menopause, IC writer Stacey Shannon discusses the influence of hormones on IC and the bladder.

(4) Could a Tick Bite Cause IC? Lyme Disease Treatment Found Helpful for Some Patients - If you live in a high lyme disease area and/or have been bitten by deer ticks, we think its worth getting screened for lyme disease which has been known to cause bladder symptoms similar to IC.

(5) A Hunner's Ulcer Success Story - IC patient Bob Ritz spent years suffering with severe pain and discomfort, working with medical care providers who had little help to share. A cutting edge treatment for Hunner's ulcers, triamcinolone injections, was the secret to his now pain free life. Yet, finding a doctor to actually do the procedure was challenging.

(6) My Addiction Story - When Sharon Liles starting using pain medication for her bladder discomfort, none of her caregivers taught her how to use medication nor any of the simple self-help strategies that can reduce pain without using a pill. Sharon is bravely sharing her story with addiction to help educate other patients and to encourage proactive pain care and relief.

(7) Consumer Alerts We were shocked to receive a press release promoting the use of sacral nerve stimulation in children. In this consumer alert, we share some strategies that parents should use to discuss this controversial medical device with the urologists. Is it safe in children? We'd sure like to see research that demonstrates this.

(8) The Latest News - LiRIS clinical trial update, FDA approves two new therapies for OAB, new IC text book released!

(9) The Latest Research - PTNS found to be equally effective yet far less expensive than SNS, Botox treatment found more successful with repeat injections, menopause reduces bladder healing and increases UTI's.

(10) Pamper Yourself From the Inside Out You're working hard to cope with your IC. You deserve a reward! Bev Laumann shares some lovely tips and strategies that you can use to create a "spa treatment" in your home.

(11) Introducing The Squatty Potty - If you struggle with having a normal bowel movement, straining or constipation, the Squatty Potty might help. It's a simple bench that you place your feet on to create a squatty position on the toilet. This unkinks the rectum and makes having a bowel movement much more normal!

(10) Coming Soon! Low Acid - MultiRight Multivitamin Complex Farr Laboratories LLC, in collaboration with the ICN, has created the first low acid multivitamin formula that we hope will be more bladder friendly for patients who have found traditional vitamins irritating.

Pages: 28
Publisher: IC Network


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