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ICN Guide to Managing Flares - PRINT Edition


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The ICN Guide to Managing IC Flares will give you practical, easy tips that you can use to manage and prevent the most common IC flares, including new hour by hour customized "rescue plans" that you can use to control your symptoms and, we hope, reduce the length of your flares. If you're uncertain about what a flare is or what you can do to manage and prevent them, this guide is a must read!!!
  • Anatomy of an IC Flare - Describes the types of flares that occur, their symptoms, why they occur, etc. Also discusses how to determine if it could be a UTI rather than a flare.
  • Rescue Plan #1 - Bladder Wall Flares - Offers an hour by hour plan to help you soothe your bladder wall, dilute your urine, use medications and other therapies to help manage pain and discomfort.
  • Rescue Plan #2 - Pelvic Floor Flares - Offers an hour by hour plan to help you reduce muscle tension using heat, stretching, exercises, tapes, physical therapy and medications.
  • The Most Common Flare Triggers - We describe those things which are the most well known for triggering flares, including foods, hormones, traveling/driving, stress, chemical exposure, sex and intimacy with practical suggestions on how to avoid or minimize them.
  • What NOT to do during a flare - Yes, we know you might feel desperate but there are some critical "no no's" that you should avoid.
In Sickness and In Health: the Critical Role Spouses Play
IC writer Stacey Shannon shares the latest research about the role that our spouses play in helping us to manage our IC symptoms. Several patients share their uplifting stories and offer sage advice for couples who might be struggling.

Decreasing Bladder Pain Naturally
Physical Therapist Isa Herrera, author of the book Ending Female Pain: A Woman's Manual, shares her top tips for managing bladder pain naturally. Her common sense suggestions are easy to implement and make sense.

Comfort Foods During Flares
At the time when many IC patients are reluctant to eat for fear of irritating their bladders, we offer dozens of recipes of bladder friendly foods that you should be able to enjoy in "Comfort Foods During IC Flares." From breakfast ideas to lunches, pasta ideas to main courses, we're sure you'll find some recipes that you can enjoy even when your bladder is flaring.

32 pages
Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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