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IC Optimist - Summer 2021 - Print Version


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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial - A Key Flaw in IC Studies

Did you know that more than $100 million dollars have been invested in IC research and yet no new therapies were found to be effective? The future is much brighter with the recognition that there are many variants in the IC patient population. 

(1) Meet The IC Expert - Getting Adequate Vitamins and Minerals With IC

The IC diet can be remarkably limiting for patients who have severe bladder wall inflammation. Some patients with Hunner's lesions may be down to eating just four or five foods and are running the risk of malnutrition. Registered dietitian Callie Krajcir provides a timely review of the vitamins and minerals essential to good health, what they do and IC friendly natural sources. 

(3) Just Released - IC 101: It's Not Just A Bladder Disease

We are delighted to announce the release of our newest book, IC 101. Written for newly diagnosed patients seeking the most effective treatments for their unique case of IC, as well as for patients who are not responding to bladder therapies, IC 101 is the first to review the subtypes of IC and why, for many patients, another condition may be the cause of their symptoms. There is hope. 

(4) Consumer Alert - Aspartame and Cancer

Jill continues to wear her consumer advocate hat sharing damning new research that proves that aspartame can cause cancer and the more you are exposed to, the greater the risk. 

(5) Managing Pregnancy and IC

Stacey Shannon contributes a new article on managing pregnancy as an IC patient. There are legitimate concerns that must be addressed such as medication use, flares and delivery methods. 

(6) Hunner's Lesion Patient Unexpected "Cured" With Ligament Repair

A fascinating new case study was released earlier this Summer of a patient with severe Hunner's lesion who was apparently cured after having a prolapse repaired. This is the first documented case study of this type. 

(7) Elmiron® Transition Options

We continue to receive calls weekly from patients who are struggling with eye retinal disease as a result of their Elmiron® use. We share the options that patients can consider as they are looking at new treatments. 

(8) Six Unexpected Things That Can Flare Your Pelvic Floor

Did you know that how you sit, stand or walk can trigger pelvic floor tension. We review six common flare triggers that you can avoid to reduce your flares, pain and urinary symptoms. 

(9) The Latest Research

We review the latest research studies as well as new research into SOLA therapy. 

(10) Related Conditions - Migraine Headaches

Patients with IC, IBS, vulvodynia, TMJ, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions are now diagnosed with "chronic overlapping pain conditions." In this article, we review another painful conditions: migraine headaches. 

(11) Self-Help Tip: How To Combat Loneliness

Even prior to COVID, many IC patients have found themselves at home and struggling with loneliness. 

(12) The IC Diet Project: IC Friendly Summer Salads

Pages: 32

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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