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IC Optimist - Spring Summer 2022 - PDF Download


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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial - Should Primary Providers Treat IC/BPS

With a shortage in urology specialists around the USA, the AUA makes the case that IC patients can and should be treated by primary care providers rather than urologists, unless the case is more complex. Is this doable? We have doubts. 

(2) New IC/BPS Guidelines Released

The American Urology Association gave us a surprise last month, the sudden release of new, updated guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of IC/BPS. They acknowledge, for the very first time, that they no longer consider IC as a bladder disease, but rather a pelvic pain condition. They also acknowledge that there are distinct patient groups, each requiring different treatment approaches. Learn more about this here! 

(3) Hydrodistention Survival Guide

One of the most feared tests that some patients face is a hydrodistention. Thankfully, todays testing is much less traumatic than tests performed  several years ago. That said, it can still be challenging. We share our best survival tips to help you get through the test successfully and have a quick recovery. 

(4) AUA 2022 Highlights - IC / BPS Course

Dr. Quentin Clemens taught this years course on IC/BPS during the annual American Urology Association's annual meeting. He shares the research supporting the change in guidelines and provides his unique treatment priorities in his clinic. 

(5) New EAU Guidelines Reflect Future of IC/BPS

The European Association of Urology has also released their new guidelines for pelvic pain and, remarkably, they no longer encourage the use of the terms "interstitial cystitis" and "chronic prostatitis." They consider IC/BPS as a pelvic pain syndrome driven by an underlying neuromuscular dysfunction. If patients have pain perceived from their bladder, it would be called primary bladder pain syndrome. If patients have pain in the bladder and any other part of the pelvis, it would be called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. 

(6) Being A Mom With IC - 15 Strategies to Make Motherhood a Bit Easier

Stacey Shannon shares a wonderful article offering tips and strategies to mothers with IC. 

(7) AUA 2022 Highlights - The Latest Research

After the year we've just had with so many patients now out of work, paying for therapies feels impossible. Stacey Shannon gives us an update on how you can manage and, hopefully, reduce your medical costs.

(8) Vitamin D and Your Health

Did you know that vitamin D can directly influence not only your bone health but also your pain levels. It's not unusual for IC patients to have low vitamin D levels. We review why this is important and what your treatment options may be. Having your Vitamin D level tested is important! 

(9) Pelvic Pain Car Buying Tips

When you have pelvic pain, sitting in a car and driving long distances can be difficult. From the comfort of the seat to the smoothness of the suspension, some cars, SUV's and trucks are notorious for causing and triggering IC flares while others offer smooth rides that make driving a joy. We share our best tips here! 

(10) The 2022 Kleen Fifteen® & Dirctly Dozen®

We review the latest lists to find those fresh fruits and veggies that are the safest for you and your family to eat. 

(11) The IC Diet Project: Bladder Friendly Mexican Cuisine

It's a mistake to assume that mexican food should be avoided for those with a sensitive bladder. Bev Laumann shares her love of mexican food, as well as tips and recipes that are bladder friendly and can be enjoyed again! 

Pages: 44

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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