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IC Optimist - Spring 2021 - PDF Download


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The Spring 2021 Issue of the IC Optimist is jam packed with the latest information, news, research results and summer tips for patients living with interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain. 

In this issue: 

(1) Editorial - A Simple Skin Test

A simple skin test has the potential of changing the lives of thousands of patients struggling with central sensitization who have been told that their pain is not real. At last, we have a test that not only can prove neurological dysfunction but can also be used as evidence to support disability insurance, pain care and more! 

(2) Meet the IC Expert: Dr. Elise De

We are delighted to feature an extensive interview  with Dr. Elise De, associate professor of surgery and urologist at Harvard Medical School, who shows just how far we’ve come in the treatment of IC and pelvic pain. A rising star in the IC research community, she has helped many patients identify the source of their pain and find effective treatments.

(3) Book Review

A fabulous new book, Facing Pelvic Pain, has been released that will help you and your medical team unravel the mystery of your pelvic pain. If you’re not responding to bladder treatments, this book will help. 

(4) Feature Story: Small Fiber Polyneuropathy

Small fiber polyneuropathy is now believed to be the driving force behind central sensitization and chronic overlapping pain conditions and helps us understand why patients struggle with pain in different parts of their body. Treatment must be focused less on bladder therapies and more on calming and soothing the nervous system. 

(5) Feature Story: Gotta Go Right Now

Melinda Fontaine DPT offers the first of three articles contributed by physical therapists at the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation center. She reviews the five most common causes of urinary urgency and how they are treated,.

(6) Spotlight on Men: Tyler’s Male Pelvic Pain Success Story

(7) Spotlight on Men: Here’s How Chris Recovered with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

(8) Update on Elmiron Retinal Disease Lawsuits

Stacy Hauer, an attorney who has filed more than 50 lawsuits on behalf of IC patients struggling with retinal damage shares an update on the status of the litigation across the country. 

(9) Managing Seasonal Allergies and IC

Stacey Shannon offers an update on the latest bladder friendly allergy and hay fever tips. 

(9) Self-Help Tip: Are You Too Hard on Yourself

Stacey Shannon tackles an obstacle that many IC’ers struggle with, self criticism. Better yet, she will help you reverse those thoughts to the positive, lifting your spirits and hope for a better future. 

(10) The IC Diet Project: Is Chocolate Irritating?

Chocolate lovers are often heartbroken at the thought of avoiding one of their favorite foods. Jill shares one of her favorite desserts, anything with carob. It’s a close cousin to chocolate but without the irritating effects. Definitely worth trying! 

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

Pages: 32

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