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IC Optimist - Spring 2014 - PDF Download - EMAIL DELIVERY


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In this issue:

(1) Editorial: Bladder Rape by Silver Nitrate - We begin this issue with an outrageous act, a patient who was given a treatment without her consent or knowledge, during her very first appointment with a urologist. It's incredible that, in 2014, some clinics are still using therapies so outdated that they are rarely discussed, much less mentioned in the AUA IC Treatment Guidelines. Malpractice? We think so. 

(2) Feature Story: Children with IC -  Few Pediatric Urologists Diagnose or Treat IC - We share the challenges that children with bladder symptoms face when the majority of urologists simply don’t believe that IC can occur in children. Stacey Shannon offers a glimpse of those struggles along with heartfelt, encouraging words to parents as they seek better care for their children.

(3) Feature Story: Understanding PGAD - Dr Robert Echenberg MD offers insight into one of the related conditions of IC, known as PGAD or Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I call this one of the “dirty secrets” of IC because so many patients are afraid to talk about it when, in fact, they should. As Dr. Echenberg shares, PGAD is treatable though many doctors still don’t believe that it’s real.

(4) Tips for Working With Your Pelvic Pain Care Provider - Nurse practitioner Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello shares tips on how to work effectively with your medical care providers. She stands firm in saying that if the relationship between the doctor and patient is rocky, it’s important to move on.

(5) The Latest IC Research - Urine alkalization improves pain and sleep quality, UPOINT works well, IC Flare study, Botox, Hunner's Lesion and Viagra for IC symptoms? 

(6) New ICN Surveys - Please help further the IC research movement by participating in two key ICN surveys - The Cost of Interstim and Gastritis, Gastroparesis and IC. 

(7) New Pelvic Pain Clinics Open - Three new clinics have opened in the USA in PA, LA and NYC.

(8) Dr. Drew's Disrespect for IC and Endometriosis - On his national radio show, Dr. Drew Pinsky Dr. Drew Pinsky suggested that IC and endometriosis were “garbage bag disorders” with patients “somatically preoccupied” with pain. As you can well imagine, the outrage was instantaneous with thousands of patients taking to social networking to demand an apology. Interestingly, he’s only apologized to the endometriosis community.

(9) Managing MPP:  My Search for Answers About Myofascial Pain - IC'er Maria Carbone shares her story and how she found great relief for her pelvic pain using three key yoga position.

(10) To Bacon or Not To Bacon - In our latest Simply Delicious IC Diet Project column, we share the pros and cons of using bacon, both cured and uncured. You might be surprised to learn that it's usually very bladder friendly.

(11) What's New in the ICN Shop - Our 2014 Supplement Review shares the latest information on the popular supplements often suggested for patients struggling with bladder health. 

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network


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