IC Optimist Magazine

The IC Optimist is the quarterly publication for members of the Interstitial Cystitis Network. Why do we call it the IC Optimist?? Because we are, and continue to be, so very optimistic about the future of IC and the tremendous advances that are being made each month to help us understand why and how IC develops. Completely patient focused, each issue offers direct, immediately useful information. Our lead stories are always unique and diverse, such as covering the breakthrough of creating IC phenotypes. We include the latest research, urgent consumer awareness alerts as well as practical stories on self-help, diet, exercise and more. You'll also find stories by many of the best writers in the IC amd and pelvic pain movement. Each issue runs between 28 and 40 pages.

Please note that we only keep print versions of our magazines in stock for the previous two years. Digital copies are available for the past ten years of publications. 
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