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IC Optimist Magazine

The IC Optimist is the quarterly publication for members of the Interstitial Cystitis Network. It comes in two formats: (1) PDF and (2) Print. PDF files should be selected if you are comfortable reading documents on your computer or device. Print should be selected if you would prefer to have a paper version of the magazine sent to you. 

IF YOU PURCHASE PDF COPIES: In your e-mailed receipt, you should receive a download link so that you can immediately download your IC Optimist file. This may take a few hours to deliver. If you have not received your receipt or download information within 24 hours, please give us a  quick call (800-928-7496) and we'll send it again. Sometimes email servers reject large, attached files. Our IC Optimist magazines can be large, usually 3 to 5mbs in size. You can avoid all of that hassle by becoming an ICN member where you'll have your own member page from which you can directly open and download our magazines and other publications.  Learn more about our memberships here! 
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