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IC Optimist - Fall 2022 - Print Version


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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial - Precision Medicine: The future of IC/BPS Care

Earlier this Fall, the National Institutes of Health (NIDDK Division) held an international IC/BPS meeting to discuss the future of research studies. The meeting was remarkable in that they fully embraced phenotyping (subtyping) and the use of precision medicine to deliver the most effective treatments to patients. Gone are the days when every patient will be given the same bladder therapy with the now clear understanding of role of muscles and nerves in causing urinary symptoms. We are now moving in a  much better direction that puts the patient first. 

(2) Meet the Pelvic Pain Expert: Dr. Sonia Bahlani

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Sonia Bahlani who has combined her knowledge of obstetrics, gynecology and urology to treat men and women with pelvic pain. Her focus is the identification of the cause of the symptoms before providing treatment which is crucial to long-term success. 

(3) Meet the Physical Therapy Expert: Dr. Anina Imhof

Located in Healdsburg CA, Dr. Anina Imhoff has provided a very detailed discussion of how she works with men and women struggling with pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. If you’re not sure how to work with a physical therapist, she provides comfort, encouragement and a truly remarkable skill set. 

(4) UTI or Flare? That is the question!

The dilemma that has challenged almost every IC/BPS patient, is this a flare or a UTI? We share tips on how you can differentiate between an active infection vs. a flare. 

(5) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A promising new therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is showing remarkable success for the treatment of Hunner’s lesions and is growing in use throughout the world. 

(6) The Latest IC Research

We share the latest research studies including a new urinary biome study showing that IC/BPS patients have normal bacterial flora rather than any sort of pathogenic infection, undermining those who suggest that infection is the cause of our symptoms. We also review the  use of electroacupuncture, transvaginal light therapy, pelvic floor therapy and how men and women differ in IC/BPS.

(7) Pelvic Floor Friendly Ways To Bicycle

Do you miss riding a bicycle during these cool, windy days of Fall? Stacey Shannon shares tips that might make riding more comfortable. From the bike seat to handlebar position, you may be may be able to adjust your bike to make it more pelvic floor friendly.

(8) How to Talk With Your Doctor About Symptoms “Down There.”

How do you talk with your doctor about the more embarrassing symptoms? Do you avoid it entirely? You are certainly not alone. From hemorrhoids to sexual pain, your provider can help. We share tips on how to talk about these more sensitive topics. 

(9) Self-Help Tip: Motivate Yourself to Drink More Water

Are you struggling to drink water? Stacey Shannon shares some ideas and tips to help you increase your water intake. 

(10) An IC Friendly Approach to the Holidays. 

Now that we are, cautiously, celebrating the holidays again, we review some of our best tips to make the holiday season truly joyful and IC/BPS friendly. Enjoy! 

Pages: 32

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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