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IC Optimist - Fall 2019


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IC Optimist - Fall 2019IC Optimist - Fall 2019
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In this issue: 

(1) Editorial: Not Again - The ICN faced yet another devastating fire here in Sonoma County, CA. Jill shares what life is like in firestorm conditions and how we must all be prepared. 

(2) Meet the IC Expert: Dr. Denise Pecht - Patients in the Atlanta area have a fabulous new clinician who specializes in pelvic pain. Dr. Pecht utilizes subtypes in her clinical practice to great success and is remarkably enthusiastic and encouraging when treating IC patients.

(3) Confusable Conditions: Have you missed something? - Are you not responding to treatment? Struggling to find some relief? Not sure if you have IC? Getting worse rather than better? The AUA says that patients should revisit their diagnosis if they are not making progress. This comprehensive feature story is an exhaustive review of the many other conditions that often mimic IC symptoms. From fibroid tumors to Tarlov cysts, there may be something other than the bladder triggering your symptoms. We hope that this list gives you some new ideas to explore!

(4) 15 Signs You May Need To Break Up With Your Physician - It happens every day to IC patients who struggle with doctors who refuse to listen, provide no other treatment options and/or who are genuinely disrespectful. You deserve the best care available and if your current clinician appears uninterested or is insensitive, then it may be time to make a change!

(5) Should You Be Pro-Probiotics? 
- Registered dietitian Julie Beyer discusses the role, pros and cons of probiotics, providing tips on how patients can maintain a healthy balance of flora in their gut. She also shares some simple, easy recipes! 

(6) Research Update: Three New Studies Find Eye Damage with Elmiron Use  - Three new research studies were released showing, yet again, that Elmiron use is now firmly linked to eye disease, including a preliminary population based study that showed that 25% of patients using the medication for 5 years or longer showed signs of retinal damage. 

(7) Why Initial UTI's Increase Susceptibility to Further Infection - Ever wonder why some patients seem prone to recurring UTI’s? A new study suggests that if the first infection is not treated promptly, that patient may be more vulnerable to future infections. You’ll find that study and many more in our latest research section! 

(8) The Latest Research - We review several of the new studies released on IC in the past three months! 

(9) Consumer Alert: Why You Should Consider Myrbetriq® - With many of the medications often prescribed for IC now linked to dementia and cognitive decline, patients are wondering which medication that they can transition to help their frequency and urgency. 

(10) IC Diet Expert: Julie Beyer RD - If you are struggling with the IC diet and/or are not sure what you can eat, registered dietitian Julie Beyer is here to help!

(11) The Healing Benefits of Hypnotherapy - Every patient has to take some time to build some personal skills, particularly in calming and relaxing our bodies and muscles. Why? Because stress and tension can worsen our symptoms. Audrey Holocher CMS-CHT explains how hypnotherapy can be beneficial for patients struggling with IC and/or pelvic pain.

(12) Favorite Fall Recipes - Pumpkin and squash lovers rejoice when Fall comes around. From fabulous soup to amazing muffins, we share our favorite IC friendly recipes here. They are worth enjoying every season! 

Pages: 36

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

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