Healing the Pain 'Down There'


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New in Fall 2015! We're thrilled to announce a fabulous comprehensive new resource for women struggling with pelvic pain! This 4 DVD series was produced by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals (ob-gyn, pt, etc.) and an incredibly motivated patient who wanted to make a difference. Their point is simple. When you have pain "down there", it's very difficult to determine where the pain is coming from. This guide will not only help patients learn this, but also offers clear insight and self-help strategies for pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Each kit also comes with a welcome guide that includes a vaginal health guide, vaginal canal map, tips for managing constipations and tips for approaching and mantaining sexual health. Check out their welcome video below!


Disk One
1: Welcome Message     7:06    
2: Content Providers: Explaining Pain     15:05
3: Pelvic, Genital, and Sexual Pain in Women     25:11
4: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction     12:34
5: Vestibulitis or Vestibulodynia (Vulvodynia)     6:50
6: The Pelvic Floor: An Overview     8:37
7: Posture and Breathing: The Abdomen     9:05
8: Posture and Breathing: The Pelvic Floor     6:46

Disk Two
9: Posture and Breathing: The Buttocks     2:15
10: Massage Techniques: Abdomen & Inside Thigh     8:38
11: Trigger Point Release     9:32
12: Stretching: Adductors, Hip Flexors, & Piriformis     8:01
13: Stretching: Adductors, Hip Flexors, & Piriformis Continued     22:45
14: Pelvic Floor Muscle Control: Locating the Pelvic Floor   3:01
15: Pelvic Floor Music Control: Relaxation     4:19 
16: Pelvic Floor Music Control: Strengthening (Also Known as Kegels)     15:34

Disc Three:
17: Practicing Short Holds     2:14
18: Practicing Variable Holds     3:22
19: Hip Strength: Hip Rotators     7:14
20 Part 1: Hip Strength: Hip Abductors     6:13
20 Part 2: Hip Strength: Gluteus Maximus     5:17
21: Dilator Therapy: Our Body's Natural Response to Pain 3:01
22: Dilator Therapy: Using Medical Grade Dilators     10:23
23: Dilator Therapy: Layer One     7:18

Disc Four:
24: Dilator Therapy: Layer Two     5:18
25: Dilator Therapy: Getting Advanced     2:35
26: Dilator Therapy: Progressing Up     1:41
27: Resuming Sex     1:28
28: Dilator Therapy: Tips     1:10
29: Dilator Therapy: Cleaning the Dilators     2:38
30: Prevention: Sports Related Injury     3:44
31: Ongoing Treatment     8:48

Bonus Feature: Carin Willis Interview with Dr. Echenberg  

Bonus Feature: Neurobiology of Trauma     27:09

Total run time: 284 Minutes 


ICN Review

One of the great tragedies that young women with pelvic pain face is the clear lack of knowledge among medical care providers about the many potential sources of pain. Not all pelvic pain originates from the reproductive tract. Some patients experience bladder pain while others struggle with the legacy of a pelvic floor muscle injury and dysfunction. Vulvodynia, lichen sclerosis, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, pudendal neuralgias add diagnostic and treatment complexity. 

This groundbreaking DVD not only educates the patient but gives them the essential tools they need to find relief. Patients can’t afford to be passive. They must learn about their condition. They must work with knowledgeable care providers. They must be willing to follow every pathway as they seek to identify and treat the source of their pain. 

The Interstitial Cystitis Network proudly supports the work of Dr. Robert Echenberg and colleagues who are at the forefront of pelvic pain clinical care. They offer hope and encouragement to patients who, for years, have been ignored and/or minimized. If you have struggled with chronic pelvic pain and have not responded to therapy, we encourage you to watch this DVD. It will undoubtedly help! - Jill Osborne, ICN Founder 

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