Gingerbee Pelvic Heating Pad


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Gingerbee Pelvic Heating PadGingerbee Pelvic Heating Pad
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Introducing the new GingerBee microwaveable pelvic heating pad. With a triangular shape, it fits comfortably over the pelvis yet isn't too heavy to be uncomfortable. It offers penetrating heat to relieve bladder pain, pelvic pain, muscle tension and stress. This is a must have for everyone. Colors may vary from picture!!

Approximate size: 12″ x 33″

We first came across the GingerBee line of products at a local holiday craft faire here in Northern California. This small, woman owned business in Northern California creates a variety of heating pads for the neck, back and legs. We bought their trapezius neck pad as a trial and, wow, it works perfectly for the pelvis so we're now calling it our pelvic heating pad! Made of flannel and uses rice as a filler. Unscented!

Made in the USA with 100% cotton flannel.
Color: Flannel Solid...colors may vary from picture!!

SHIPPING NOTICE: Please note that this cushion weighs 3.15 pounds. Our system will estimate between $15 to $18 to ship depending upon your location in the USA. It will, however, also fit in a large flat rate box. We will adjust the shipping accordingly while packing this order and will issue a credit when possible! We know that $$ is tight.. and we'll do our best to give you the lowest price available. Just remember that it's reusable and could last for years. It's a worthy investment! These are perfect for flares, especially during the night when you might be reluctant to use an electric heating pad.

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Disappointed What a Waste of Money!
Reviewed by
I was convinced this heating pad would work due to the opinion write up from the IC website review. I'm very disappointed that the heating pad was heavy which they said wasn't and that it didn't give me any relief for mild to moderate pain. I guess if it was really good a customer would have wrote a positive review. I usually use a regular electric heating pad which works pretty good and I can have heat until I shut it off but was thinking this one I wouldn't have to have an electrical outlet near me to use it. I'm very disappointed and am going to call to see if I can return it without having to pay postage. If not then I'll trash it.

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