EZMagicXL Therapeutic Glass Wand


Price: $89.00


Are you struggling with tight pelvic floor muscles and/or painful muscle trigger points? The EZMagic XL therapeutic glass wand can help, giving you the ability to massage these muscles directly and at home via the vagina or rectum. The EXMagic XL has become very popular because of it's longer length and easier usability. It is sterile, easy to clean, made of a non-toxic material and come in a perfect storage box complete with samples of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Glide, Gele & Releveum. 

From IC Relief: EZMagicXL is a popular internal / external adult wand that allows for easy vaginal or rectal insertion, controlled maneuverability, temperature adjustability (room temperature, warm or cold) and both ends of the wand may be used to meet your personal needs. This product is designed for single-person, multi-use. Our products arrive sterile in a sealed pouch and storage box; it can be sterilized by autoclaving or may be cleaned with soap & water. EZMagicXL is made of nonporous borosilicate medical-grade glass, is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and made in the U.S.A.


Size: EZMagicXL: 16mm x 266.95mm x 13.75mm – (.63 inches x 10.51 inches x .54 inches)

What's In The Package:

1. EZMagicXL
2. Safety & Cleaning Instructions
3. Storage Box

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