Ending Female Pain


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Ending Female PainEnding Female Pain
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Ending Female Pain - A Woman's Manual, 2nd edition
by Isa Herrera
"The ultimate self-help guide for women suffering from chronic pelvic and sexual pain!"

"Ending Female Pain - A Woman's Manual " by Isa Herrera, MSPT is a ground breaking book for women with pelvic and sexual pain, containing dozens of easy, helpful exercises and tips that offers hope for patients with pelvic floor problems, vulvodynia, IC, etc. etc. This book gives you vital, easy and effective stretches, exercises and tips to help you take control and manage your pelvic pain symptoms.

The discussion of pelvic anatomy is amazing. She walks reader through an excellent and absolutely fascinating anatomy lesson so that they can see, with their own eyes, if their pelvic floor is tight, relaxed and/or if they're doing your reverse kegel or kegel exercises correctly.

She teaches the reader how to find and locate trigger points in the pelvic floor and teaches how to reduce those painful muscle knots. She offers massage tips that are easy and very effective at reducing adhesions around c-section and other surgery scars. Her discussion of the vulva and vulvar skin techniques is practical and makes total sense.

Using both pictures and diagrams, she offers a series of exercises and stretches for the relief of pelvic pain, including reverse kegel exercises, a GREAT series of exercises using pilates ball, several yoga stretches that are perfect for stretching out the pelvis, upper legs and lower back and several foam rolling techniques.

For those of you who work at a computer or at a desk all day and struggle with back and tooshie discomfort, she offers something that we've waited for years for... a series of easy, discrete stretches you can do at work to help you reduce muscle stress and tension in the legs, hips, pelvis and back.

But, what makes this book truly unique and a must read for anyone with IC and pelvic pain, is her practical discussion of sex and how to reduce discomfort. Her tips are superb... from performing a reverse kegel exercise before intimacy to help reduce pelvic floor tension, to using vaginal dilators for patients with vaginismus to a very unusual and obviously effective "vaginal steam" that can help make intimacy more comfortable.

Publisher: Duplex Publishing

288 pages

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