05/24/21 Update: GREAT NEWS! CystoProtek Update! Supplies Improving. We are getting small shipments weekly until our big shipment arrives in a few more weeks. Today, we were able to release 220 bottles.  If you see the product "sold out"... please know that hundreds of patients have been waiting for six months to get CystoProtek®. We WILL have it again soon. You can now call us and reserve a bottle as well! 800-928-7496 or (707)538-9442. 

CystoProtek® Ownership Change: The original manufacturer of CystoProtek, Algonot, has taken back distribution of this product. Mylan will no longer be involved. As a result, a new label will be released shortly. ONLY the label is changing. The product is NOT being reformulated. Here's a look at the new product label. 

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Because CystoProtek® uses olive oil in its formulation, it is difficult to ship in the hot summer months. The capsules will melt if left in a hot mail box for more than 30 minutes, rendering it useless. If your mail box sits in the hot sun, you MUST remove it immediately upon delivery. If you live in a hot state, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, we strongly suggest that you have this shipped to an air conditioned workplace OR a PO Box rather than your home address.  

Shipping Options: Please select Priority Mail or Express Mail during the summer months. First Class is too slow and creates more risk of heat exposure and product damage. 

How can you tell if your product is heat compromised upon delivery? Shake it. If you hear individual capsules moving around, it should be fine. If you hear one large lump, it has been exposed to excessive heat and should not be used.
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Product is out of stock
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