04/17/21 UPDATE: NATIONAL OUTAGE - The manufacturer has informed us that they will be unable to send us CystoProtek until some time in MAY due to a manufacturers delay. We are SOLD OUT. 

     The current CystoProtek® manufacturers delay has created much stress among patients who have relied on the supplement to help manage their symptoms. COVID manufacturing delays have resulted in very long, unpredictable delays. We’re sorry that we can’t give you a firm date on when it will be available. The latest date is mid May.
     While there are several other supplements available that our customers have used successfully (Bladder Builder®, Bladder Rest®, Cysto Renew®, AloePath®), the closest match to CystoProtek® is CystoMend®, which uses nearly the same ingredients. The key difference is that CystoMend® is a STRONGER formula. It uses more of the key essential ingredients: chondroitin, glucosamine, quercetin and rutin. 
     Because CystoMend® is one of the strongest formulas on the market, we urge you to start slowly. Don’t take a full dose the first day. Rather, take one capsule (with food) and see how your body tolerates it. Try one a day for a week and continue to monitor for any side effects. All supplements that contain chondroitin run the risk of stomach and GI discomfort. 
     If you tolerate one a day for a week, then you could try two a day. Again, increase gradually. Remember that “more” is not necessarily better. We each have unique sensitivities. I, for one, never took more than one CystoProtek® a day. If I used two, it gave me loose bowel.

     If, at any time, you experience uncomfortable side effects with any OTC supplements, please stop using them and, of course, talk with your doctor. 
     Side by side, four capsules of CystoProtek® and CystoMend® are fairly comparable. The manufacturers recommendation of six capsules per day of CystoMend® may be too strong for some of you. It’s far more likely that 2-4 capsules per day will be sufficient. Best of all, that will make your bottle last longer and save you $$. 

Learn more about CystoMend® here:

Learn more about CystoProtek® here:

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Because CystoProtek® uses olive oil in its formulation, it is difficult to ship in the hot summer months. The capsules will melt if left in a hot mail box for more than 30 minutes, rendering it useless. If your mail box sits in the hot sun, you MUST remove it immediately upon delivery. If you live in a hot state, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, we strongly suggest that you have this shipped to an air conditioned workplace OR a PO Box rather than your home address.  

Shipping Options: Please select Priority Mail or Express Mail during the summer months. First Class is too slow and creates more risk of heat exposure and product damage. 

How can you tell if your product is heat compromised upon delivery? Shake it. If you hear individual capsules moving around, it should be fine. If you hear one large lump, it has been exposed to excessive heat and should not be used.
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Product is out of stock
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