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Confident Choices - A Cookbook For IC and OAB


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Julie Beyer’s latest book, “Confident Choices: A Cookbook for IC and Overactive Bladder” will be a lovely new diet resource for patients around the world. A perfect complement to her first book “Confident Choices: Customizing the IC Diet”, Julie uses this new publication to walk the novice patient through essential IC diet basics in a style that is simple, easy to understand and inherently practical. It'’s a perfect resource for patients who are afraid to eat for fear of causing an IC flare. The section on “rescue menus” alone will be greatly appreciated by patients currently struggling with a sensitive bladder.

Yes, Virginia, you can eat when you have IC but you must choose your foods carefully. With a positive and encouraging tone and style, Julie reminds her readers about key nutrition basics and offers short, concise discussions. She offers an excellent list of IC friendly food substitutions. For example, pear or blueberry juice can be used in place of lemon juice or vinegar in many recipes. She includes a step by step guide on how to do an elimination diet to determine which, if any, foods you are sensitive to. She offers a wide variety of recipes for breakfast, snacks and appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main dishes, vegetables, pasta, desserts, candies and beverages.

One new and great idea she includes is a printable shopping list of IC friendly foods that patients can take to the grocery store to make good, informed decisions about their diet.

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