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Coffee (Low Acid)

One of the hardest parts of the IC diet is avoiding those foods that are high in acid, especially coffees and teas. But, if you're addicted to coffee, this can be a shocking blow. Unfortunately, there's no way around it. Most brand name coffees (both decaf and regular) can be devastating to a tender IC bladder, as well as for patients with IBS, GERD and a tender, sensitive stomach. If you continue to drink regular coffees, it may prevent IC therapies from working and delay healing. If you are in pain, you MUST stop all coffees immediately!

Luckily, there is hope. Several companies now make flavorful, low acid coffees that are much easier on our tender bladders. These are certainly worth trying! Please note that patients in flares, or with intense symptoms, should not be using ANY coffees until their symptoms improve. Remember that coffee poured on a wound every single day would make that wound more irritated. So, try these low acid coffees when you're feeling better and, above all else, listen to your body. If it hurts, don't drink it.- Jill O., ICN Founder

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