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CAPPS Pelvic Pain Coccyx & Pudendal Cushion


Price: $79.95


Developed by Pelvic Pain Solutions International, the CAPPS Coccyx and Pudendal U-Shaped Cushion is ideal for anyone struggling with pain while sitting from the pudendal nerve and/or tight pelvic floor muscles. It is made with a longer inner channel to relieve discomfort by lifting the pelvic floor muscles while sitting or driving. Depending upon where your pain is located, the cushion can be flipped towards the front to provide relief for prostate or urethral pain or to the rear where it may help with tailbone, rectal and/or hemorrhoid pain. With it's longer channel, it will also provide relief from vulvar, vaginal and perineal pain. 

This cushion is a step up from the ICN's Bladder and Prostate Friendly Chair Cushion with higher quality upholstery and construction. 

Color: Slate Grey
Dimensions: 16/5" by 16.5" 
Channel length: 10"
Height: 2" 
Foam: Medium (not too hard, not too soft)
Recommended weight: 100-150 pounds
Fabric: Upholstery Fabric - Standard 
Made in the USA

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