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Okay, admit it. You LOVE chocolate but there are times when it irritates your bladder badly. We have found the richest, most creamy and most IC friendly candy available on the market. Surprise Foods has developed a fabulous carob bar that, hands down, is one of the best carob products we've ever had. Amazing flavors... very moist, rich and the perfect size to satisfy the occasional sweet craving we all get yet without massive calories! Try them.. I think you'll fall in love too!

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Missy J's Carob Chips - 4-Pack
 Missy J's Organic Carob Powder, 8 oz. (1)

Hoosier Hill Farm Carob Drops, 1 Pound
 Rise Whey 15g Protein Bar, Mint Carob Chip, Healthy Breakfast & Snack Bar, 4g Dietary Fiber, 12 Pack

Rise Pea Protein Bar, Carob Coconut, Soy Free, Paleo Breakfast & Snack Bar, 15g Protein
Missy J's Peanut Butter Carob Cup
$2.49 $1.49
Missy J's Mint Carob Cup
$2.49 $1.49
Product is out of stock
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