Candy - Carob Turtles, Toffee & More!

Okay, admit it. You LOVE chocolate but there are times when it irritates your bladder badly. Ten years ago, you tried an old, powdery carob bar in desperation. It was horrible! Well, times change and so does carob. We have found the richest, most creamy and most IC friendly candy available on the market. 

HEAT ALERT - We keep these items out of inventory during the summer months because we can only ship them in the Fall, Winter and Spring when the weather is cooler. Please check back in late September to see if they've come back in stock


(Feb. 2009) I just wanted to send a quick note letting your company know how amazingly wonderful the products I received were. I ordered the English Toffee Candies, Carob Bars, and the Organic Pear Jam. They are all absolutely lovely. The carob products in particular were a much better quality carob than I had ever found on my own. I really appreciate what your company is doing for IC patients. It is fabulous to be able to buy snacks and candies again. Thank you! - Tracy
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