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Candy - Carob Bark, Carob Cups, & More!

Okay, admit it. You LOVE chocolate but there are times when it irritates your bladder badly. We have found the richest, most creamy and most IC friendly candy available on the market. Missy J's are, by far, the best carob candy that we have tried.  Amazing flavors... very rich and the perfect size to satisfy the occasional sweet craving we all get yet without massive calories! Try them.. I think you'll fall in love to!
Missy J's Carob Brownie Mix
$9.99 $8.59
Missy J's Carob Cake Mix
$9.99 $8.59
Missy J's Carob Mint Chips
$7.99 $6.79
Missy J's Carob Powder
$6.99 $5.95
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