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STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!  IC 101: It's Not Just A Bladder Disease offers a new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of interstitial cystitis, bladder pain syndrome, hypersensitive bladder syndrome and chronic overlapping pain conditions.  Recognizing that a "one treatment fits all approach" has failed millions, it introduces newly diagnosed and veteran patients to a new sub typing system that may help patients determine the actual cause of their symptoms.
We are delighted to offer a wide variety of books that are well written, endorsed by various organizations throughout the world, and receive rave reviews from our users. These books are the best that we've found that can help you, today, better manage your symptoms. Don't just let them sit on your bedside stand. Read them! Bring them to doctors offices. Share them with families and friends. Let education empower you to making more informed decisions about your treatments and lifestyle.
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