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There is no doubt that relationships can be strained with a diagnosis of IC in either partner. Please remember that it's not just women who have IC, but men can also be diagnosed! So, our goal with this section of our store is to provide some resources that will help couples stay strong, survive the stress of diagnosis, and rekindle a romantic and fulfilling relationship. Of course, a good place to begin is in our ICN Sexuality & Intimacy Guide, which has a great section on making sex more comfortable and fulfilling. Once you've read that, you may find the book below very very useful!

New Book - Secret Suffering by Susan Bilheimer and Robert Echenberg MD

When one of every five women between ages 18 and 50 in the United States have sex, it hurts, often badly. Until now, very few patients ever talked about their experience until a new IC hero, Susan Bilheimer, arrived on the scene. A chronic pelvic pain patient, Susan has been a driving force in creating this book and, partnered with Dr. Robert Echenberg, now offers hope and encouragement to the millions of women struggling with this condition.

Secret Suffering: Understanding Women's Sexual Pain and How That Affects Relationships has it all:
  • patient stories
  • a husbands point of view
  • a same sex couples experience with pelvic pain
  • the dilemma confronting single women with chronic pain
  • the role of faith
  • the poignant story of two men who experience sexual pain.

They talk about the difficulties working with the medical community but the great hope promised by a new, far more accepting medical paradigm of chronic pelvic and sexual pain.

The appendix offers 64 tips to relieve sexual and pelvic pain!

I can't say enough about this book. It's now at the very top of books I will be recommending to patients struggling with IC and intimacy. This will, beyond any other book I can suggest, break your isolation and show you that you are not alone and that there is hope! It's truly a must read.