Bladder and Prostate Friendly Chair Cushion "D" - for 150- 175lbs.


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The ICN Bladder & Prostate Friendly Chair Cushions are made of three sections of foam, two higher sections on the outside support each butt cheek while a soft, lower section in the middle puts very little pressure on the crotch area. These cushions measure 14 inches front to back and 16 inches side to side with the height and firmness of the foam determining our weight "ratings". The groove runs from front to back. The cover is a dark blue, cotton/polyester fabric. Please keep the OUTER plastic cover on the cushion while you are evaluating the cushion. You may need to use a pin to make a few discrete pinholes if the plastic bag is holding the air in and the cushion is difficult to evaluate.

Foam cushions ALWAYS compress with time and usage, usually lasting about six months before they need to be replaced. Cushions used daily may need to be replaced more frequently for maximum benefit. When selecting a cushion, you must consider both your weight and, if present, your corresponding muscle tenderness. It's quite normal for a patient to order two related cushions (i.e. usually a C and D) and then return the one that doesn't work as well for them.

Made from 2 inches of FIRM foam, we recommend the "D" cushions for those from 150 - 175lbs. This cushion works well for patients who have direct tenderness of the urethra, prostate, vulva or rectum. Patients in this weight range often try both the C and D chair cushion to see which one works best for them.

For 125lbs. & Under, please look at our "B" Chair Cushions.

For 125 - 150lbs. please look at our "C" Chair Cushions.

For 175- 200lbs. please look at our "E" Chair Cushions.

To ensure cleanliness, our foam cushions must be returned with the outer plastic cover intact and unbroken. You may NOT return cushions in which plastic has been retaped shut. During your testing period, foam cushions should not be exposed to cigarette, cigar or marijuana smoke which may damage them beyond repair. Cushions that have been exposed to excessive smoke and/or that have had plastic opened may not be returned. CUSHIONS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF RECEIPT!!

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Love it!
Reviewed by
I bought the bladder cushion size 150-175lbs. I weigh 142 but that size was out of stock. I also noticed this larger size said the foam was firm which I liked. I suffer from a burning urethra type pain when sitting. This cushion is amazing. Especially on harder surfaces like dining chairs & benches. I also love it for driving or riding in the car. I highly recommend it! I also prefer that the cushion is firm. Seems to give good support. I also like that it’s very discreet to carry since it’s in a cover and it just looks like a square. I use my oversized tote bag to carry into restaurants.
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