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Are you wondering what you can drink that won't hurt your bladders? The secret is avoiding products that are high in acid or caffeine that can irritate your bladder. Luckily, there are low acid versions of several drinks that can give you variety to your daily routine!  When your bladder is flaring, the safest drinks are clearly water, milk, hot water with honey, peppermint and/or chamomile herbal tea. If your symptoms have improved, try the low acid herbal teas. If these are well tolerated, you can then graduate to "real" low acid coffees, such as Bella Rosa, Simpatico or Tyler's. Try to remember that nighttime frequency and discomfort is often a direct reflection of what you've eaten or drunk that day. If you're struggling, go back to the basics and IC safe beverages. Your job is to calm and soothe that tender, achy bladder.
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