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AZO Test Strips - Urinary Tract Infection Test


Retail Price: $16.50
Sale Price: $12.99


AZO Test Strips® allow you to do a preliminary screen to determine if you might have a urinary tract infection. Simply urinate on the strip and use the handy reference guide enclosed in each box. 

Test strips contain two test areas, one for leukocytes and the other for nitrites. A typical UTI will produce a double positive result with both test areas. Positive nitrite are strongly suggestive of a bacterial urinary tract infection. In contrast, many IC'ers who are flaring have a positive leukocyte but negative nitrite. This suggests that the bladder wall is injured and has sent white blood cells to the area but does not mean that there is an active infection.

AZO Test strips are not fool proof. False positive or negative results can occur. If you have any doubts at all, call your doctor and have your urine tested. Or, if you suffer with long-term recurring infection, request a Next Generation DNA Urine Test which will identify all bacteria and fungi currently in your urine. 

Each package includes 3 individual wrapped kits.

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