A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an Interstitial Cystitis Diet


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A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an Interstitial Cystitis Diet by Beverly Laumann

The first diet book created for patients struggling with IC, it is still one of our most popular & practical books! Author Bev Laumann provides an extensive, thoroughly researched resource for patients seeking information on diet and nutrition. In addition to covering the IC diet, Bev offers tips and suggestions on how to make low acid coffees, find low acid wines, the vulvodynia oxalate diet and much more! She also includes dozens of fabulous bladder friendly recipes to help you expand your diet. Even the appendices are chock full of useful information, particularly the one that discusses vitamins and lists all the foods that you can eat to increase your vitamin intake. This book is perfect for foodies and patients who love to cook!

Publisher: Freeman Family Trust

Pages: 230

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The original!
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Has so much information in addition to the recipes. Highly recommended.

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