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(MultiRight Update 12/8/15 - MultiRight is expected back in stock in late December or early January after the next production run. The manufacturing facility had a number of large orders to complete before they could do our production run, hence the delay! Please enter your e-mail address on the MultiRight Details page and you'll receive an email as soon as we place it back in stock!)

  Naturally getting the vitamins every body needs to stay heathly is hard, when your diet is restriced this task, at first, can seem impossible. Lucklily there are options to try. DESERT HARVEST makes several vitamins that have helped so many maintain a healthy diet. FARR LABS has introduced the FIRST ph nutral multivitamin!!!!! These vitamins that are made with high quality ingredents that, for most, are very tolerable. Most of the big brand name vitamins that are readily available on supermarket shelves are formulated with ingredients based on avalibility and cost, which makes them usually not IC friendly.
Vitamin D 1000 IU
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B-Complex without B6