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The Better Bladder Book
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The Better Bladder Book

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Author Wendy Cohan, a registered nurse, has written a comprehensive resource guide for patients struggling with IC/BPS who are interested in more holistic alternative strategies for treatment. She is the first author to explore, in depth, the role of food sensitivities and gluten intolerance (celiac disease) and how these can contribute to bladder symptoms. Beautifully written, easily readable with a keen insight into IC brought by the author's own successful battle with IC. She includes numerous patient stories and experiences as well.

When Wendy Cohan, a registered nurse, was diagnosed with the painful, chronic and often progressive disease interstitial cystitis (IC), she experienced firsthand the frustration millions of patients with IC feel when attempting to find effective, lasting relief. Her extensive research and commitment to recovery led to her becoming pain- and symptom-free. She is now dedicated to sharing this kind of life-changing relief with others.

Cohan begins by providing a clear understanding of how a diagnosis is made. She then explores the possible causes of symptoms, providing options for positive changes you can implement. She explains frequently prescribed medications and procedures and then picks up where common medical approaches leave off to discuss:

- food sensitivities, including the dramatic relief many experience from eliminating the dietary protein gluten, found in specific grains
- hormonal imbalances that affect women with bladder issues and pelvic pain
- medicinal herbs, teas and sleep aids that work safely and effectively to promote healing
- stress reduction techniques that can alleviate symptoms, including pain, urinary hesitancy and bladder and pelvic floor spasms

Cohan’s techniques target not just freedom from pain and inconvenience, but also life-long, whole-body healing and well being.

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