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Skin Care

One frustration that IC patients often share is extremely sensitive skin. The most sensitive skin of all? The vulva, vagina, perineum or rectum where lubricants, soaps and even laundry detergent can provoke irritation and discomfort. We've found several products that are gentle yet effective in reducing discomfort and soothing these tender tissues.

Vulvodynia patients and/or women struggling with dry skin due to menopause may find the Desert Harvest Aloe Personal Gel to be soothing. If you're worried about cleanliness, the mildest soap of all is Basis, my personal favorite. The Very Private products continue to be popular, particularly for patients trying to reduce infections resulting from intimacy! I'm delighted to include a link to the Belli line of skin products, designed and tested for use with pregnant mothers and babies. BELLI SKIN CARE - click here! - Jill