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There is no doubt that relationships can be strained with a diagnosis of IC in either partner. Please remember that it's not just women who have IC, but men can also be diagnosed! So, our goal with this section of our store is to provide some resources that will help couples stay strong, survive the stress of diagnosis, and rekindle a romantic and fulfilling relationship. Of course, a good place to begin is in our ICN Sexuality and Intimacy Guide, which has a great section on making sex more comfortable and fulfilling. Once you've read that, you may find the items below very very useful!

At some point in their relationship, every couple will face a moment when one partner has a medical condition that interferes, in various ways, with intimacy. But, that doesn't mean that sex can't happen. It's about being creative, gutsy and playful. If intercourse isn't possible on a given day, the FLESHLIGHT can still provide satisfaction for a male partner. If you've lost your creativity, we have some great new Erotic DVD's that can make you both more intrigued by sex.  See these resources in our "Romance and Sex" category.