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pH Home Test Kit
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pH Home Test Kit

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Manufactured by pH Ion, this new, more accurate, test kit checks the pH of urine. This will allow you to test the acid or alkaline level of your urine. We know, for example, that urine that is highly acidic will irritate the bladder. We also know that urine that is very alkaline (i.e. bleachlike), is also very damaging and irritating.

This test works by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions in urine. A score lower than 7 indicates that the urine is more acid. Higher than 7 indicates that urine is more alkaline.

In a pH balanced body, urine is slightly acid in the morning with a pH range of 6.5 to 7. By evening, it generally becomes more alkaline, pH 7.5-8 as your body digests food and releases electrolytes.

Includes a whopping 90 test strips!

If your urine is overly acidic, then a product like Prelief might be worth exploring. Just remember, though, that you don't want to be too alkaline either. Bleach, which is alkaline, is just as irritating as acid. Our goal is be near pH neutral.

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