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MULTIRIGHT Low Acid MultiVitamin

Jill Osborne, ICN FounderOne question that I am often asked by IC patients is "Is there an IC friendly vitamin available?" I can finally say "YES." In late 2012, I brought the idea of developing a low acid vitamin to the marvelous team at Farr Labs, Inc., makers of the well known CystaMD, CystaQ and ProstaQ line of products. They were intrigued by the idea so much so that they researched the concept and began developing this new multivitamin, known as MultiRight.

What sets this supplement apart are the ingredients. The most acidic and problematic ingredient for IC'ers, vitamin C, is sourced from calcium ascorbate rather than the more acidic, citrus derived ascorbic acid. The calcium and phosphorus is partially sourced from calcium glycerophosphate, a product also well known to reduce acid levels in food. Lastly, the filler is simple baking soda, again, a well known acid reducer. The end result is a vitamin that will be more tolerable for patients who struggle with acid sensitivity!

I'm so excited that Farr Labs listened to my idea and felt that it was worth their time and effort. They've been fabulous to work with. I'm confident in saying that this is a new, exciting option for those who are worried that they aren't getting proper vitamin intake. Of course, every IC'er is unique with different levels of bladder sensitivity. I anxiously await your feedback. Please let me know what you think of this new product line!